Empower Your Team with GPT Pro

Unleash the full potential of your enterprise with GPT Pro, the conversational AI that integrates seamlessly with M365 and Teams. Craft your own AI solutions, from automated customer support to dynamic project management. Let GPT Pro navigate the complexities of your business processes, ensuring efficiency and compliance with the highest standards of governance and data control.

Transform your business operations with AI-driven solutions.
GPT Pro dashboard

GPT Pro: Empower Your Team with AI

No Code GPT Builder

Easily build your specialized Copilot without coding.

Chat with Your Docs

Integrate and converse with your documentation seamlessly.

Advanced Analytics

Analyse Gen AI usage with advanced dashboards and KPIs.

OAI Plugin Connectivity

Connect your app with plugins for ServiceNow, Workday, Freshdesk, and more.

Explore the Power of GPT Pro

Unlock your team's potential with our cutting-edge features

No Code GPT Builder for Teams

Effortlessly build your specialized Copilot without any coding requirement.

Chat with Your Docs

Retrieve and generate information directly from your documents with RAG.

Analyse Gen IA Usage

Gain insights into how your organization utilizes generative AI.

OAI Plugin Connectivity

Seamlessly connect apps like ServiceNow, Workday, Freshdesk, and more.

Advanced Dashboard & KPIs

Monitor usage and performance with detailed metrics.

AI Trend Detection

Identify trends and issues automatically through the AI dashboard.

Prompt Library

Share and discover effective prompts within your team.

Advanced Card Display & Streaming Writing

Enhance readability and interaction through dynamic content display.

Charts and Diagrams

Visualize responses with integrated charts and diagrams for better understanding.

Empowering Your Business with Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging GPT Pro, hosted on Microsoft Azure for unparalleled efficiency and security.

Advanced AI Solutions

Utilizing GPT-4 Turbo and GPT Vision, we deliver top-tier AI capabilities directly into your workflow.

Unmatched Security

Powered by Microsoft Entra ID and Teams SSO, ensuring your data is always secure and accessible.

Intelligent Document Processing

Advanced OCR with Azure Document Intelligence and recognition technologies enable seamless interaction with documents through RAG.

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